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When Do Games Play & Game Engine Statuses

Bucky O Hare 23/12/2014 12:38:18 - edited
The game engine, which runs any scheduled matches executes at 11:15am BST on the following days of the week:

League Matches - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Friendly/Tournament Matches - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Typically you will only have friendly or tournament matches if you are actively participating in a scheduled cup (i.e., the WES Cup or Regional Cup) or if you or another manager has scheduled a game with you.

You can always quickly check if you have a match on a given date either by visiting the schedule/results page via your team homepage or checking the little calendar in the right hand panel.

Pink dates are league fixtures, yellow is friendly fixtures and blue is cup games.

To quickly get a fix on the status of the game engine, check the site header where we have a blue information box.

Next games tomorrow, 11:15am BST

This will show after the game engine finishes running up to midnight BST of the same day.

Next games run in X hours and Y minutes

This will show post midnight and in effect tells you how many hours and minutes before the next set of games run. Check your schedule to see if your team is one of those matches.

Game engine running

This should start displaying each day at 11:15am BST whilst the game engine is running. Once completed the message will switch back to the first message, confirming that the game engine has completed for the day.

Re: When Do Games Play?

Glenn Roberts (Rec) 23/02/2015 13:41:37 Bucky O Hare
 Can you remind me about training; is this done at 11:15 just before games are played?

Re: When Do Games Play?

Bashev (Ber) 23/02/2015 13:43:59 Bucky O Hare
Ben can you edit that there is a training process on Sundays.

Re: When Do Games Play?

Bucky O Hare 23/02/2015 14:33:43 Glenn Roberts (Rec)
Hi Glenn,

Training runs at 11:15am as the first part of the game process.

Re: When Do Games Play?

Bucky O Hare 23/02/2015 14:34:12 Bashev (Ber)
Thanks Bashev,

Done, though technically I have just added Sunday as a friendly date as this will be opened very soon!