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Update on World Elite Soccer

Posted by: Bucky O Hare, 2014-07-14, 736 Views

Hi All, its been a while since I sent out a weekly newsletter but I promise I'll get this back up and running shortly to keep everyone in the loop.

I thought this week I would just add an article to the newswire as it lets people add comments below/ask additional questions and such.

What have we been working on lately?

Well to be honest we haven't released anything particularly obvious on the site of late, but that's because we've been investing a lot of time on improving the game engine to better process the end of season activities.

In the past the end of season processes pretty much required a developer to run as it was made up of lots of little scripts which performed the various tasks (such as player ageing and retirement). For those of you who've been playing for the last few seasons you'll appreciate that we hit a few snags because of this.

Well now we've put all of these little scripts into an application that basically lets someone non-technical press a button and everything just happens :-) hopefully without any problems. We did some testing of this and it all seemed to work as expected in our test environment, so hopefully we'll see a much quicker and cleaner EOS process this time round.

On a related note we've also experienced a few process stalls this season caused by teams not having enough active players. This was one example where the EOS processes didn't work correctly and we got caught out as a result. Aside from fixing the bug in the EOS process we've also instigated a little email notification that goes out after each game process completes to advise of any teams that have less than 17 active players. This, coupled with the improvements to the EOS process should prevent any further stalls as a result of this problem.

Manager Profile

Another area we've been investing time on is the manager profile/account page, which today is very functional, but not particularly nice to look at. We have finished up the designs and the development team are gradually implementing this on our test environment. Once its ready we'll switch everyone across - its a big improvement.

We're also going to be looking at additional in-game trophies that are unlocked as managers achieve certain feats - such as going unbeaten in a league season, winning 10 games in a row etc.

Some other quick updates

(1) As we approach the end of the season we're aware that a few teams are behind in games played (i.e., Colon in AN5) so we'll be scheduling those make-up games shortly. If you've noticed this and wondered - never fear, it'll all be sorted.

(2) We've now finished up the design work for the 450+ teams that currently have those little orange footballs as their team logo. I hope to get these rolled out onto the teams fairly soon so keep your eyes peeled for those. We've now started work on the existing teams that have logos and I started a message board thread here that you may want to read if you happen to manage one of these teams:


Any questions - drop them in the comments below!





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