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Posted by: Newswire, 2017-09-12, 551 Views

Boos rang round the Munich stadium. Fans were unsure of who to boo, the keeper, the manager or the team. Munich came up short against Paris courtesy of Nordberg's continued slump.

The Finnish goalie allowed the only shots on target in as Munich slip further into relegation trouble. A spell out of the team has not improved the Fins confidence or the teams faith in him.

He was returned to the team after Bett entrusted him after a spell in the reserves but it appears to have been all too much too soon.

Rumours have it the board have called a meeting with the manager and sources say he has 3 games to save his job.


Mark JS 2 12/09/2017 21:57:44

Come on Nordberg! At this rate even Timth place will be impossible 😔

lordfish3 13/09/2017 01:23:51 - edited

Wow that's just awful.. Anyone have an explanation? See you guys talking about Nordberg in chat all the time but I never commented because I didn't know who or what Nordberg was. I've had players drop in performance from season to season and those can usually be explained by support difference or a change in tactics but this guy just fell off the cliff. Is it safe to say quality of shot does exist now?

HerraPastori 13/09/2017 11:15:08

They bood at the manager.



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