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San Diego Makes History

Posted by: Newswire, 2019-05-25, 256 Views

In a back and forth struggle for AN dominance, the dust finally settled and San Diego took the crown. As is usually the case in AN, it took until the final whistle before a victor could be announced. Mighty Anaheim looked poised to repeat, but two straight losses gave manager Lawrence and his motivated squad of defensive minded players the window they needed. After a late season slump San Diego's resolve was unshaken and they finished with two wins to take the table by a lone point.

This year's squad was marked by tactical versatility and one of the world's greatest defensive displays, San Diego conceding only 14 goals all season. When asked if he was ready to defend the title, Lawrence said, "There are a handful of great managers that can challenge for the title every year. Last year's WES cup runner up and the winning-est AN team in all of history, Houston, only managed 9th place this year. The AN championship is no easy thing to achieve. We'll count it as a real achievement and do our best to challenge for it again this year."


Pav 26/05/2019 18:25:11

All hail the champ!

thefox 28/05/2019 18:21:57

excellent season -- lets see if they can keep up in the WES CUP!

Tyler H 2 28/05/2019 22:37:02

Congrats on a great season Rol!



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