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S36 Offseason Trade Analysis Part III

Posted by: Newswire, 2021-02-08, 339 Views

It's time for part III!

More trades keep coming so we'll have at least part IV, maybe even V after this.

Please, if you spot any missing trades report them in the comments below. The transactions page can act up sometimes and not show everything.

Also we are sometimes doing this in a hurry so if you spot any mistakes please report them in the comments as well.

Very well, without further ado, lets continue analysing.


to New York: Lebet
to Rotterdam: Bazalar

New York get a decent goalkeeper we guess will never be anything special and give up a potential star challenge winner midfielder. Rotterdam edge this one in our opinion.

Verdict: Edge Rotterdam


to Genoa: Verdelli
to Vienna: Gensler

Fairly one sided trade by the looks of it. Rumor has it that the Genoa manager spiked the tea during the negotiations which allowed him to swap the average looking Gensler with Verdelli. When Vienna manager realized what had happened it was already too late! A tragic story, we know.

Verdict: Win Genoa


to Sao Carlos: Frackowiak, Haroun, Ferrari
to Beijing: Nugraha

It’s rubbish collection day in Beijing! Sao Carlos are happy to oblige and collect the trash and even pay for the pleasure in the form of solid defender Nugraha. 

Verdict: Win Beijing


to Amsterdam: Valek
to Brasilia: Thomas and Tol

Brasilia manage to get superstar midfielder Thomas and interesting prospect Tol, who has some extraordinary skills for his age. In return they send versatile challenge winner midfielder Valek to Amsterdam. All good players but Tol shifts the balance for Brasilia in our opinion.

Verdict: Edge Brasilia


to Rotterdam: Owen
to Helsinki: Kovalev and Grammelis

Helsinki give up a 0 contract veteran for two very average prospects. Looks like an insignificant cap dump trade.

Verdict: Draw


to Houston: Dedu and Zakostelsky
to Leverkusen: Popchef

Yet another big trade by Houston sends star forward Popchef to Leverkusen. The price is good too as Houston get a 25 year old well skilled and trained forward Dedu and a hot defender prospect Zakostelsky. Looks like a very good price for 30 year old so Houston narrowly take this one.

Verdict: Edge Houston


to Medellin: Mehic
to Las Vegas: Gay

Not a big trade but Mehic looks like the better player out of the two. 

Verdict: Edge Medellin


to Philadelphia: Wendelken, McMillan, Bobrov and Leskinen
to Nashville: Dascalescu and Gabrielli

Big 6 player trade and not an easy one to rate. Gabrielli looks like a sure bet to become a star but Wendelken is a nice midfielder as well and the young goalkeeper Leskinen has shown promise. We get confused by looking at all these players and just mark it down as a draw.

Verdict: Draw


to Philadelphia: Fjeldberg
to Kitee: Wendelken

Looks like an even trade. Fjeldberg has impressive skills but Wendelken is three years younger and not bad himself. 

Verdict: Draw 


to Antwerp: Balzs and Ruggini
to Liverpool: Pujol

Liverpool gain a good midfield prospect Pujol but give up two skilled 28 year old players. We think this one favors Antwerp. 

Verdict: Edge Antwerp


Part IV coming up soon(ish)!


Wander112 08/02/2021 11:43:24

I didnt win? Boo!

Rolo 08/02/2021 21:22:10 - edited

disagree with the Houston/Lever trade assessment. Popchev is 30, but is a legit wescup level starter with career .410 finish/.670 setup. Dedu is a shiny young forward at 25, but is .340/.630, and with Average work ethic may not improve above his current form. Dedu is unlikely to make the jump to elite status. Edge is Lever

Pav 08/02/2021 21:29:45

Yeah, I’d agree. It rests on Dedu improving significantly in the future.

Timmooooooooo 09/02/2021 06:21:11

Good job I didn’t trade for Dedu then!

Felitto 11/02/2021 11:13:37

Hmm. I'd say my trade with Beijing is a favourable one to Beijing, by a small margin, but I wouldn't be calling it out so strongly.



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