Hall of Fame

  1. Players must have played a minimum of 1260 minutes.
  2. Players must have taken at least 10 shots.
  3. Goalkeepers are not included in this category.
  4. Goalkeepers must have faced at least 10 shots on goal.


Most Games Played In Musa, Tal 646
Most Starts Musa, Tal 646
Most Minutes Played Musa, Tal 59748


Most Fouls Drawn Mu±oz, Pascual 1517
Most Fouls Berm·dez, Roberto 1094
Fewest Fouls1 Laurent, Hugo 6
Most Yellow Cards J°rgensen, Niklas 183
Most Red Cards Hicks, Robbie 29


Most Assists Einarsson, Bjarki 107
Most Shots Taken Mu±oz, Pascual 2467
Most Shots On Goal Mu±oz, Pascual 984
Most Goals Scored Mu±oz, Pascual 351
Most Unassisted Goals Bortnik, Tomasz 80
Most Penalty Kick Goals Yin, Peng 40
Highest On Goal %1,2,3 Stepanenko, Olexandr 73%
Highest Scoring %1,2,3 Mollo, Luca 47%
Highest Penalty Kick %1,2 Buijs, Berry 100%


Most Shots Faced Musa, Tal 1900
Most Saves Stam, Michel 1337
Most Penalty Kick Saves Shubin, Eugene 35
Fewest Rebounds Allowed1 Grudniewski, Bartosz 1
Most Rebounds Allowed1 Lizza, Paolo 762
Fewest Goals Allowed1 Steiner, David 4
Highest Save %1,4 Dharma, Ari 83%
Lowest Rebound %1,4 Grudniewski, Bartosz 3%
Highest Rebound %1,4 Dasovic, Callum 94%


Most Attacks Challenges Won3 Saucedo, Luis 3125
Most Attacks Challenges Lost3 Bortnik, Tomasz 2902
Highest Attack Challenge %1,3 Zaguri, Sagi 93%
Most Defend Challenges Won3 Saucedo, Luis 3057
Most Defend Challenges Lost3 Makarov, Anton 2798
Highest Defend Challenge %1,3 Zaguri, Sagi 92%